Boyana Georgieva

Boyana Georgieva

Boyana Georgieva was born in the town of Elhovo. She graduated from the Art High School in Kazanlak, and later at the University of Veliko Tarnovo "Cyril and Methodius" - specialty mural painting. She lives and works in the city of Varna. For many years she taught in the classes with intensive training in fine arts. Works in the field of painting, mainly landscapes, portraits, still life, etc. She has participated in national and regional exhibitions of art teachers. Her paintings are owned by private individuals in a number of countries.

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The rich palette of the artist is in tune with the enormous color diversity in nature and specifically in the proposed still-life. The colorful combination of objects and flowers, the scenic backgrounds and bright contrasts make these works particularly expressive and exciting.

The sea as an eternal and life-giving symbol is present in the painter's paintings. Its tangible closeness is revealed in both figurative and sound, with a rich color tint. The dark silhouettes of the boats, the eternal symbols of romance and freedom are the memories we have ever left and where we always return.

The romance of the beautiful Bulgarian nature and ancient architecture is captured in a number of canvases from this exhibition. The silhouettes of old churches alternate with narrow, winding streets in small towns and villages, preserving their enchanting atmosphere and proud spirit.



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