15th Collective Annual Exhibition

by Art Gallery Le Papillon 08 Dec 2021

The topics that the gallery raises for this traditional annual cultural review are directed two-way, provoking both the creative impulse of the invited artists and the associative thought of all viewers. The idiom "out of the box" is often used to refer to something out of the ordinary, atypical and even out of the norm - as are often the means by which art is handled. These words urge the mind to look for another perspective and a point of view from which it can see the truth beyond the usual perception. "Beyond the frame" causes the breaking of boundaries and prejudices, the upgrading of understandings, including enrichment with new knowledge and experience. In times of unexpected limitations, isn’t it art one of the few things that gives us unconditional freedom? And when it is valuable, it always provokes emotions and judgments, delivers aesthetic pleasure for the senses, but also a boundless flight of imagination. Using the "frame" as an allegory of our own limitations, we set the opportunity to accept the challenge of looking from another angle, atypical of our perceptions, and to broaden our horizons. If communicating with a painting or sculpture helps the viewers to even slightly exceed their own understanding of harmonies, sensitivity to color nuances, established tastes and views on shapes and structures, then one of the functions of the gallery is realized. The mission of art is to nurture aesthetic and moral norms, to stimulate, develop and keep awake the intellectual and spiritual side of our nature, so that we are full, more perfect individuals with beneficial influence for everyone and everything around us.

Traditionally, in this annual thematic exhibition we present a selection of works by both artists whose exhibitions have visited the gallery over the years and whose development we follow, but also new names whose exhibitions are coming up next year. The richness of diversity of styles, genres, means of expression, techniques, ideas, worldviews and layered emotions, allows every viewer who is touched by them to rediscover communication with art, the world and themselves in a new way. And art is valuable when, in addition to delivering aesthetic pleasure to the senses, it also manages to excite, to provoke different types of emotions and judgments. Sometimes, unexpectedly for ourselves, our interest in a style or genre that was distant and went "beyond" our understandings suddenly provokes and excites us and shows our development and awakening of new senses. The aim of the exhibition is not to find complex answers, but to provoke this upgraded senses and spontaneous emotions, to raise various questions and conjectures. Thus, communication with art becomes complete and two-way.
Over the years, Papillon Gallery strives to present to the public quality artists with selected works, because the mission of the gallery is not just to show a variety of styles and many works, but to be at a high level to form aesthetics, to arouse the interest of a new audience in the beautiful, the valuable, the precious, even if it is a difficult task for an exhibition. Our desire is to satisfy the thirst for new aesthetic experiences of already avid fans of Bulgarian art, who appreciate the good works and it is increasingly difficult to be impressed.
That is why this year the selected 74 participants are personalities with a noticeable presence in Bulgarian culture, creating values and outlining the parameters of Bulgarian art, found recognition in our country, at the same time well placed on the art stages around the world. They will show us their latest works in oil, watercolor, acrylic, bronze, ceramics, glass and mixed media - surreal, realistic, abstract compositions, saturated with rich symbolism, in different directions, but all off them frank, exciting and impactful. The exhibition is dynamic, and most of the artists are presented with more than one work, and the exhibition will be complemented by newly arrived works to its very end. This makes it exciting and thrilling.

Here are the participants in this exhibition:

Painting - Ada Bredwellt, Alain Day, Andrian Bekyarov, Aneta Yalamova, Atanas Parushev, Atanas Hranov, Valentin Angelov, Valentin Uzunov, Vasil Vassilev, Vasil Vassilev - Zueka, Veselin Nachev, Volodya Kenarev, Georgy Yordanov, Georgy Lechev, Georgi Shtarbev, Geraksy Geraksiev, Gergana Lalova, Prof. Desislava Mincheva, Deyan Vekov, Dimitar Buyukliisky, Dimitar Tumbalov, Dimitar Cholakov, Dolores Dilova, Elena Stoeva, Zhivko Mutafchiev, Prof. Ivaylo Mirchev, Ivan Obretenov, Ivan Stratiev, Iliyan Ivanov, Iliya Milkov, Yoan Leviev, Yordan Marinov, Kiril Mitovsky, Mara - Mariela Dimitrova, Marina Bogdanova, Mariana Marinova, Mesrur Sabit, Milko Bozhkov, Mihail Lalov, Nadya Stancheva, Nelly Tsenova, Petar Dimov, Petya Taneva, Plamen Monev, Ralitsa Savova, Rossen Krastev, Svetla Koseva, Snezhana Slavova, Stanimir Videv, Stanislav Vardev, Stefan Assenov, Stefan Markov, Prof. Stoimen Stoilov, Tanya Doskova, Tatiana Harizanova, Hristo Yotov, Tsanko Tsankov, Tsvetelina Maximova, Chavdar Valov, Chavdar Gyuzelev.

Sculpture - Valentin Starchev, Velichko Minekov, Ventsislav Markov, Grigor Mitsev, Emanuil Ninov, Ivan Yanev, Yordan Narliev, Margarita Pueva, Nelly Hristova, Pavel Koychev, Penka Nikova, Spartak Dermendzhiev, Ubavka Tonchev, Hristo Hristov.

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