Fragments - A Painting Exhibition

by Art Gallery Le Papillon 22 Jan 2023

From January 26 to February 12, 2023, Art Gallery Le Papillon presents part of Chavdar Ghiuselev's work in its exhibition hall on Dragoman Street. United under the word "Fragments", the last paintings on canvas and collages with fine modernism, artistry and indirect messages, on the border of abstraction and figurativeness, have been selected for the exhibition. His works - at the same time expressive, but also containing surreal elements created with the means of minimalism, reveal the artist's sensitivity to events, his reflections on what remains of us and of our life when we fragment it into small elements. Chavdar Ghiuselev's exhibition challenges us artistically and provocatively to analyze and take stock of what was taken from us and what was left after the outrageous experiences of the recent years. His abstract research of the theme of the threat of taking away the freedom of the human individual can be traced as a thin line, straight or curved, through all the works in the exhibition. Ghiuselev is a bold, daring artist with keen senses. He knows how to provoke a reaction in the audience with his active civic position. He is implying his ideas in a modernist style about the longing meaning, the brainwashed, the ideological kitsch, the returned past, the scorched hopes. "Ghiuselev is a veteran in the fight against provincialism - in thinking, in manners, in the fear of foreign eyes. He is a lover of dangerous games. He is so because his art is matured in the urban man; seen in his quest to protect his individuality from the anonymity and banality of the everyday; staring at his defeats, which plunge him into melancholy and loneliness, announced only by car horns and whispers of self-irony," says journalist and media expert Georgi Lozanov about him.

Those who know Chavdar Ghiuselev mostly as an excellent scenographer, who worked many times in partnership with the director Teddy Moskov, winner of two "Icarus" awards and one "Askeer" award for productions such as "Cyrano" and "What You Want Me", will have the opportunity to enrich their notion about his work. He is the son of the world-famous opera bass and talented artist Nikola Ghiuselev. He graduated from the National Academy of Arts with a degree in Book Illustration and Layout. He works in the field of graphic design, illustration, television and theater scenography, he is a teacher in the Visual Arts Department of the New Bulgarian University. There are numerous solo exhibitions, including in Parma, Milan, Berlin, Prague, Vienna, Sofia. His younger brother - the internationally known illustrator Yasen Ghiuselev - is also an artist.

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