Mihail Lalov with a jubilee painting exhibition

by Art Gallery Le Papillon 12 Oct 2022

From October 19 to November 5, 2022, City Art Gallery "Boris Georgiev" - Varna and Art Gallery Le Papillon present the special exhibition of maestro Mihail Lalov. The artist, who this year celebrates his 40-year professional anniversary and 70-year personal anniversary, will show 12 large-area canvases in harmony with the size of the halls of the "Boris Georgiev" Art Gallery - Varna at 1 Lyuben Karavelov Street. The exhibition is part of his project "She and no one else", which presents previously unseen works of the artist. The paintings are exhibited throughout the year in different cities of the country. "For each city, for each exhibition hall, I have selected special works, I do not show the same thing to the public. I don't do a retrospect of my professional path either. My understanding is that the artist must always present his new development, new searches, new achievements to the audience", says Mikhail Lalov.

Until now, under this title, a series of significant exhibitions of his have been held within the year, each one presenting the different creative directions, artistic expressions and genres in which we can recognize and recognize his typical handwriting, the scale of the maestro's talent and emotionality. The exhibition "She and no one else" was in Sofia, Burgas and Pleven. There was also a special presentation at the Le Papillon Art Gallery, where figural compositions were shown. The last exhibition, in which all the works will be collected, will be in Plovdiv.

Now, in the City Art Gallery - Varna, canvases in the style of Lalov "abstract impressionism" will be exhibited. Paintings have been selected in large formats, in soft, pastel tones, where Lalov beautifully unfolds his spontaneous expressive character, free spirit and convincingly captures our attention with his intertwined compositions in large-scale searches and experiments in color on canvases several meters high and long. Mihail Lalov is a searching artist who does not stay in one place and creates in his different studios, changing the approach and techniques, the genres of his expression. The artist goes beyond the generally accepted norms, working with his unique manner and approach to colors. Lalov, masterfully using various secrets and techniques, inspires us with lightness, finesse and an almost watercolor feeling of the canvases, although painted with oil paints, which make the viewer sink into the magic of the large format. Regardless of the technique, he has a highly recognizable handwriting and drawing line, but most of all with the sense of freedom, lightness and weightlessness he creates in his paintings. Always present in them is the philosophy of interconnectedness in nature and how everything is connected in thought and feeling. He is an artist of the spirit, masterfully breathing life into every form and body in his works. His dramatized "retellings" are paintings that evoke emotions and resonate with the viewer's feelings - different at every moment. Thus, his works have been loved for a long time, creating a sense of dynamism and change, which is revealed each time differently depending on the mood of the beholder.

The artist's art is a search and a journey, it is a beginning and an end, a tale that begins somewhere and never ends. Figures intertwine in a kaleidoscope of color swirls to show the most intimate human feeling, love. Emotion overflows from every detail in Mikhail Lalov's canvases and changes not from the color and figure, but from the human gaze. Each picture is an eternal search for meaning, feelings, even for taste and music. You can feel the mood in the magic of colors that are not in the palette, but are there on the canvas. You can immerse yourself in them and understand that color is a wave of swirling moods that you yourself guide, arrange, experience, even when the picture is far from your sight. Lines and tones convey a real feeling that touches and embraces you. From them, sometimes there is an odor of old cognac, the skin crawls with the thrill of the taste of young wine or the sound of the passion of an erotic game is carried, nothing that the eye sees only an explosion of abstraction. But abstraction is always something else in the artist's canvases. "I don't want to be judged or compared, I want to work and the pleasure I feel to reach those who need it," is the author's belief.

In this catalog "She and no other" is collected a collection of amazing canvases, in which there is no drama of the birth of art or artist's torments, but only the ingenious simplicity of the mind. Each canvas is a masterful test of the audience's eyes, perceptions and emotions. Lalov's art is far from the subjective concept of beauty, it is an honest reflection of the deepest human emotions. And they are not dramatic and tragic, but full of light and color, pearls that shine and inspire, beauty as a sign of perfection. Lalov controls the space, flashes and creates a feeling of infinite harmony, in which the collision gives birth to calmness, the emotional charge reveals truths, the colors create a unique fusion of suggestions with one message: love is beauty, and it is in our mind and only the strong spirit can find it see, understand and accept as part of yourself. From the canvases is born the truth about ourselves, about our perception of the world, about what remains when we remove the shell and only mind and feelings remain. Criticism defines the works of the maestro as abstract impressionism, but the eyes of the audience see magic. Because She is the picture: the eternal muse. She - seen by a rich spirit who gave her to the world.

Welcome to the opening of the exhibition on 19.10.2022 /Wednesday/ in the exhibition hall of the Boris Georgiev Art Gallery - Varna, 1 Lyuben Karavelov Street from 18.00 to feel the power of his energy and presence in the masterpieces selected for this exhibition!

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