Nikola Kolev, painting and sculpture

by Art Gallery Le Papillon 04 Sep 2023

His latest sculptures, specially prepared for the current presentation, have been added to the selection. performed in the classical style characteristic of the author, but with a more modern and lively interpretation. The exhibition brings together the various topics that have excited the artist over the years and is one of the ways in which he celebrates his 60th anniversary.

Nikola Kolev's "parallel worlds" are his way of bringing harmony, beauty and grace into the "real" world, but also a way of conveying his messages and admiration for the power and grace in life. The common link in his diverse work is movement and its fine balancing in the plasticity of the figure. We find it in the graceful, magnificent horses, galloping or standing on their hind legs; in the strength of his imposing bulls; in the power of the spread wings of eagles, is present even in the fine, delicate and graceful female figures. Traffic is everywhere. The movement that gives rise to progress, that pushes the world forward and does not allow us to stay in the rut of frozen everyday life and being. Dynamics are an invariable part of his statement, without being obtrusively advertised, but rather skilfully made part of the essence of his sculptures. When creating his figures, Nikola Kolev often uses the technique of cutting and displacing parts of the volumes, but their rejoining is so measured that the viewer is amazed by the "realism" of this form that does not exist in reality. The simple and dosed decoration with various applications techniques - textures, relief compositions applied to the flesh of the horse, give an enriched look, combined with the masterful patina and play of colors. The result is a three-dimensional composition in iridescent painterly colors, a play of the imagination, transporting us to fantastic mystical worlds and dimensions.

Masterfully executed, Nikola Kolev's sculptures impress with the skillful symbiosis between realism and abstract stylization, so characteristic of his uniquely recognizable plastic style. In the current exhibition, the artist remains faithful to his favorite themes, which he developed over the years and presents to the public, from small to monumental sculptures for open spaces - horses, bulls, angels, birds.

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