Valentin Angelov tells us with brush and color about his "Late Summer"

by Art Gallery Le Papillon 09 Aug 2023

Seventeen paintings, created in the recent months for his solo exhibition in Varna, reveal the different directions in his diverse creativity. Valentin Angelov is an inquisitive artist who likes to travel and describe his impressions either with the detailed, realistic, fine line of a master illustrator, or with the expressive, different brush or spatula, but always with serenity, mood and a mysterious smile hidden in the storyline. The alternation of solid and villature spaces create a picturesque feeling and suggest a bubbling life. We understand the richness of his imagination from his surreal, almost dreamlike voyages with flying boats, angels or guardians of marine treasures. His turbulent deep emotionality is perceived in the fervent, sometimes bright tones with bold contrasts and density of color in his expressive excited landscapes. Its cobalt blue stops us briefly in front of a small temple in "Mykonos", illuminated by a mystical light, contrasting against an almost dramatic sky, but we also meet it in "July Night" in Pisa. Soft pink halftones bring back the feeling of timelessness of a calm and hot "Noon" through small but colorful streets in a southern city or at sunset "Somewhere". His works hold our attention and subconsciously invite us to take a break from everyday life to welcome the summer. No matter when it comes, it always seems to be "late." Summer - that collective image of a time for freedom, warmth, adventure and sharing. Summer - an allegory of better times, of good days, of achieved desires and strong emotions. Summer - as a culmination of everything, eagerly awaited.

It is admirable the ease and mastery with which he manages to fit not just an entire plot, but real small worlds into just one canvas. A "Window" or "Fan" is enough, and his skillful brush takes the viewer's imagination on a "Walk in Time", convincingly creating a new reality. There, colors play with light and shadow, and we gladly let the consciousness go beyond everyday life. There is no shortage of provocations, subtly woven into surreal compositions, in which every object, even seemingly accidentally found there, is actually charged with a specific meaning and often gives complete completion to the complex plot. Symbolism raises general or philosophical questions about beginnings and being, about the weight of thoughts and about different points of view.

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