Dolores Dilova with paintings exhibition

by Art Gallery Le Papillon 05 Jul 2021

With great pleasure from July 8 to August 11, 2021 Le Papillon Art Gallery presents the picturesque "Islands" by the colorful artist Dolores Dilova, collected in a solo thematic exhibition. The author, who fascinates fans with her magical impressionist paintings, takes us through her "islands" of comfort and beauty - close to her heart natural views that have passed through her emotionality and romantic nature. They are internally experienced, suffered, real and sensual, acquired the power of revelation. In front of the spectators there is a lonely beach, illuminated by the muted tones of the setting sun, the horizon of the morning cool and boundless sea, sparkling colorful facades of houses, transparent behind the trees, overflowing with bushes, their dynamic shadows and all this is sunk in peace, timelessness and silence, reminding us how important harmony is in nature and within us.

Dolores Dilova is an artist with a distinctive style and color, recognizable sincere creative authenticity, recognized both by the love of intellectual admirers and by a number of international and domestic prestigious awards. As a person, she is an extremely smiling, radiant and energetic woman and this positivity of hers flows from all her works. Developing as an artist, enriching her emotions and building up on herself as a painter, inheriting the worldview and lessons of her father, the famous impresionist Dilo Dilov, she explores nature as a major source of inspiration, beauty and harmony, creating emotional allegories of portraits of landscapes. Her paintings are not just expressive compositions with unusual light, contrast of predominantly bright, tidal colors that flood them with mysticism, but a suggestion of the feelings gathered in it, the sealed moment, a kind of unconscious attempt to self-portrait of emotions.

Dolores Dilova's paintings magnetically attract the eye, absorb the focus and leave a bright imprint in the viewer's mind with their sparkling tones full of life and serenity. For her, color is the main way to express herself plastically and to share sincerely her deep emotionality. It is a feeling, excitement, delight, memory, life, biography. In her world, rules and norms are subjected to freedom and the open space of the horizon, to timelessness and the flight of thought. The sea, as one of the main characters in her landscapes, based on nature, but refracted through the imagination, often reflects precisely this feeling of serenity, strength and depth of feelings. Her impressions are often laconic, devoid of chatter, with accents of colorful details, such as a closed umbrella, a lush flowering shrub, a reflection in the water, a heavily falling drapery of a curtain or armchair, hinting for human presence. But it is precisely this minimalism that creates in the viewer a desire to complete the story, to peek behind the curtain, to walk to the end of the street and see what is after it. With an ease as if in one breath she convince us to feel the silence of contemplation of beauty, to find the sense of the value of the moment and the sense of divinity. The sea seems to be her escape, revelation, passion, intoxication and humility before the beauty and majesty of nature.

Dolores Dilova, looking for the right color combinations, so masterfully handles all shades of blue - the magic of ultramarine, the spirituality of turquoise, the energy of the emerald, the categorical emerald that creates an unearthly world of timelessness, dreams and creation. Dolores' paintings are saturated with emotion to the extreme. In the first place, it is expressed in bright, "sharp" relative to each other colors - flaming red, deep blue, soft violet, muted pink, oil green, orange, ocher and all this sometimes mixed with a special mother-of-pearl gold, which gives the paintings even more strong, sparkling radiation. Her impression is built both of densely pasty tones and with very sparing playful touches, which build a painting along with the color of the canvas.

The artist is emotionally connected with the landscape, the silence and specific repetitive geographical features of her favorite places. These kind of "islands of escape" are mainly from the northern Black Sea coast, Bolata, Durankulak, Shabla, Kavarna, and they are expressed as an "extract" with suggestions, colorful variations, giving rise to specific feelings of time, silence, inner comfort and admiration for greatness of nature. Each can also be associated with the azure of the French Mediterranean or other shores. As the impressions of Cezanne and Renoir, so do and Dolores's works - creating a different energy each time, but always infectious with optimism, showing enthusiasm, joy of life, melanged with the sound of silence, sharpening the sensitiveness and emotionality of the viewer.

Welcome to the opening of the exhibition on 08.07.2021 / Thursday / from 16:00 to 19:00 when in the exhibition hall of Art Gallery Le Papillon we will have the opportunity to peek into the colorful world of Dolores Dilova and feel the silence and beauty of her innermost "Islands"!

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