Atanas Matsoureff

Atanas Matsoureff

Undoubtedly, Atanas Matsurev is one of the world's best contemporary watercolors. Born in 1975 in Bansko, he lives and works in Sofia. There are over dozens of solo exhibitions. Atanas Matsurev works entirely in the area of watercolor, with favorite themes of his works being landscapes, still life and portraits. The artist is a sought after and respected artist not only in Bulgaria, as his paintings are sought from Moscow to New York. He has won first prizes in international watercolor competitions. His talent is one of the reasons Atanas to be invited to lead master classes both in his home country and in Russia and Turkey.

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1994 - Woodworking School in Bansko

2003 - illustrated for "Simply Read Books", Vancouver, Canada.

2004 - member of UBA

Member of the International Association of Art IAA, UNESCO

Independent exhibitions

2000 - solo exhibition - Festa Gallery, Sofia

2001 - "Secrets", Sharon Gallery, Sofia

2001 - "Landscapes", Festa Gallery, Sofia

2002 - "Statements", Astrie Gallery, Sofia

2003 - Vidima Gallery, Sevlievo

2004 - "My World", Astrie Gallery, Sofia

2004 - "Rusi Karabiberov" Gallery, Nova Zagora

2004 - participation in the first painting painting, Nova Zagora

2005 - "13 naked", Astris Gallery, Sofia

2005 - "Landscapes", "Grita" Gallery, Sofia

2006 - "Rooms of Silence", "Grita" Gallery, Sofia

2008 - "Realism", Center - Atelier "Nikolay Shmirgela", Sofia

2009 - "Timelessness", Rakursi Gallery, Sofia

2010 - Landscapes, A & B Gallery, Sofia

2013 - "You," Papyion Gallery, Varna

2015 - "Awakening", Rakursi Gallery, Sofia

Group exhibitions

2004 - "Rusi Karabiberov" Gallery, Nova Zagora, Bulgaria

2004 - First Plain Art Exhibition, Nova Zagora, Bulgaria

2006 - "Nikulden", "Grita" Gallery, Sofia

2007 - "Modeling the emptiness", Astrie Gallery, Sofia

2008 - "Before and Out the Window", Gallery "Grita", Sofia

2009 - National Art Center Forum, Sofia

2009 - "Small Format", Gritta Gallery, Sofia

2009 - "You will recognize them by drawing them," Gritta Gallery, Sofia

2010 - "Towards 20," Gritta Gallery, Sofia

2010 - "You will recognize them by drawing them," Gritta Gallery, Sofia

2011 - "To 20", Gallery Grita, Sofia

2011 - 16th Pleiner, Nagykorös, Hungary

2012 - Grita Gallery, Sofia

2012 - "The Works", Tazza Gallery, New York, USA

2013 - 3rd International Biennale of Watercolor, Saint Cyr Sur Mer, France

2015 - International traveling exhibition of contemporary water re - Interpretation in China

2015 - the Masters of Watercolor forum in St. Petersburg, Russia.


2012 - lecturer master class, Moskva

2013 - lecturer master class, Sofia, Petersburg, Moscow, Istanbul

2014 - lecturer master class, Varna

2015 - lecturer master class, Varna, Sofia, Moscow

2016 - master class lecturer, Varna


2011 - First place at the international contest "Aquarelle", Izmir, Turkey

2011 - First Place for Best Watercolor of March at the International Watercolor Competition, Istanbul, Turkey

The artist's works are owned by private collections in Bulgaria, Spain, Turkey, England, Greece, the Netherlands, Belgium, Canada, Norway, Hungary, Russia, Germany and the United States.



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